We're Vancouver's highest rated dry cleaner, wedding gown cleaning specialists and master tailors.

Our aim was to become the most reliable & environmentally friendly dry cleaner in Vancouver without sacrificing any quality.

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Our Beginning

Busy Bee Gold, like most local, family owned small businesses, had humble beginnings in 1981. Over time, Mohamud Rahim, took the reins from his parents and turned the business—and the entire dry cleaning industry on it's head.


“Sometimes visiting a dry cleaner is like playing the lottery—and that's ridiculous. You should know that your cleaner is environmentally friendly, reliable and will go above and beyond your expectations. 

I wanted to be different.”

— Mohamud rahim, owner


Mohamud proceeded to revamp Busy Bee Gold's entire process. He started small; instituting a hangar recycling program, changing plastic dry cleaning bags to biodegradable material & opting for LED—this, of course, wasn't enough.

He had to tackle the larger problems. He strongly believed that in an age of technical innovation in every industry, there must be one for a solvent too. 

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A popular environmentally friendly method is ‘wet cleaning’. While safer than Perc, it will wear down your clothes in a hurry. Sometimes wet cleaning is an excellent option for certain garments, but most often it simply isn’t. That’s why we offer both our K4 (biodegradable solvent) & wet cleaning—the best of both worlds!
— Mohamud Rahim

Our Mission

Treat no two garments the same, cause no preventable harm to the environment, endeavour to use our business to help the community and always make sure our client's are smiling when they leave our store.